Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Braves to add Hinske

Sources have revealed the Braves are close to signing Eric Hinske. The utility man batted .242 with eight homers and .780 OPS for the Pirates and Yankees in 2009, but had 20 homers with the Rays in 2008. Hinske would be used primarily from off the bench.

If he’s cheap, he’s a better choice than Johnny Damon who doesn’t realize his best years are far behind him. However, this is likely the final offseason move for the Braves who are still lacking real power. If Hinske turns into the Braves' Matt Stairs, then that’s great, but where’s the every day bat? Troy Glaus, I am not so sure.
(Photo: Getty Images; source)

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Bat Speed said...

I remember the good ol’ days with Hinske in time flys!